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Fast forward

The collection highlights the oxidation of several metals. A natural process which is basically the destruction of the metal through ageing. What would take years/decades in natural circumstances, is manipulated to achieve these beautiful colors and textures within hours/days. Hence the name of the collection, Fast Forward. Each jewel contains an oxidised piece, contrasted with a second piece in the same metal, though in its known, polished appearance.

Jewelry is something very intimate and through it you can express and show your identity. It is one of the closest relationships between an object and a human.
— Otto Künzli

Only recently I started realising that this is so true!
My nature and nurture is to stay low-profile. I found the best way of expressing myself is not with words, but through my jewelry. 
I want for other women to feel significant, selfexpressed & free through wearing my jewelry.

To give you the opportunity to wear our pieces your own way, I aim to design more jewelry that can be worn in multiple ways.
I made a statement piece "Acropolis" to shape this idea of having one piece which is wearable in different ways. 

Acropolis ~ a place where my jewelry led me to in 2018. I went on a 2-day event with 100+ talented creatives in Athens. It were two inspirational and fun days where I learned many things that will be so usefull in my further career. And as I noticed the past year, architecture will always be an inspiration to me. That's why I designed a piece with the most characteristic elements of the temple, the columns. Partly oxidised, partly polished, they are the basics to create many different necklaces with just one set. 


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