+ Many of our designs contain an oxidised metal. The oxidised parts are coated to end further oxidation and maintain the colors.
+ The polished parts are coated to slow down the tarnishing process.
+ All chains are goldplated; yellow gold for pieces in brass and pink gold for pieces in copper.
+ All earpins are made in silver.
+ All rings and bracelets (except Z03) are goldplated to avoid irritation to the skin; yellow gold for pieces in brass and pink gold for pieces in copper.
+ Due to the design bracelet Z03 is not partly goldplated. Instead it is coated to avoid irritation.


Fast Forward are jewels made out of copper, brass or silver. None of these metals is corrosion resistant. This has been the inspiration for the collection. The process of the manipulated element of the necklace happens under certain circumstances in nature as well. The only difference is that it will take decades. Though even over weeks/months the polished element of your necklace will show slight changes in color & glossiness.

I hope you understand this is a part of the natural process which makes your jewel even more unique.

If you prefer this part to stay shiny, make sure you clean it whenever you notice that it’s becoming tarnished. This can be done by gently wiping the metal with a jewelry polishing cloth. You could also use a regular soft cloth and carefully wipe copper cleaning paste onto the metal part of the jewel.

In general it’s recommended to keep your jewelry away from water and cleaning products etc. When not wearing them it’s best to store them in a dry place, for expample a jewelry box.


Due to the oxidation all pieces are 100% unique, therefor your jewel might differ slightly from the picture.


If you would like to have any of the jewelry in the gallery adapted (for example have the necklace longer), feel free to ask us about this. We will happily discuss the options with you.


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