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Lore Segers Jewels stands for jewelry beyond the ordinary.
The accessories are created with an uncommon use of materials and have a design with a twist on what’s expected.
They have a confident design, are stripped to the essence and are surprising.
We find balance between sculptural and playful.
All pieces are handmade and undergo an unrepeatable gesture, therefor each of them is unique.

The jewels highlight the oxidation of several metals. A natural process which is basically the destruction of the metal through ageing.
What would take years/decades in natural circumstances, is manipulated to achieve these beautiful colors and textures within hours/days. Hence the name of the collection, Fast Forward.
In our first collections FF-originals & FF-2.0 each jewel contains an oxidised piece, contrasted with a second piece in the same metal, though in its known, polished appearance.
Our latest, Fast Forward Fusion provides elements, oxidised & polished, that are to be combined to your preference.
You are welcome to compose your own, unique jewel with these different pieces.
Or you can chose from a range of jewels we designed through the same system, fusing the components into earrings, bracelets, necklaces,…

Minimalism is not the lack of something, it’s the perfect amount of something.
— Nicholas Burroughs

The designer, Lore Segers, is a Belgian architect. While working on her internship she took classes to master the art of goldsmith. Her architectural background is visible in the geometrical, minimal designs.
She works with precious metals, as well as brass, copper and minerals. Also, she enjoys to explore the possibilities of new materials.
Besides architecture, she’s inspired by simplicity and nature.

All pieces are designed & handmade in the designer's workshop in Leuven, Belgium.

In november 2017 she was recognised as a certified craftswoman by FOD Economie, K.M.O. in Belgium.



Fairs I exhibitions I training

  • 2019 august - Idar-Oberstein, GERMANY
    Workshop Engraving at International Summer Academy – Trier University of Applied Science Campus Gemstones & Jewellery

  • 2019 february - Munich, GERMANY

  • 2019 january - London, UNITED KINGDOM

  • 2018 november - Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Sieraad Art Fair

  • 2018 oktober - UK
    Publication editorial in Shuba Magazine

  • 2018 september - Milan, ITALY
    HOMI tradeshow

  • 2018 august - Idar-Oberstein, GERMANY
    Workshop Geological Experiences at International Summer Academy – Trier University of Applied Science Campus Gemstones & Jewellery

  • 2018 july - Genk, BELGIUM
    Summer exhibition at Art & Craft gallery Breed

  • 2018 june - USA
    Publication in summer edition of Belle Armoire Jewelry

  • 2018 june - Frankfurt, GERMANY
    New Designers at Tendence tradeshow

  • 2018 june - Athens, GREECE
    Mastered Live collaboration event - class of 2018

  • 2018 may - London, UK
    Makers at Pulse tradeshow

  • 2018 april - Milan, ITALY
    Din Design exhibition at Milan Design Week by Promotedesign.it

  • 2018 march - Munich, GERMANY
    Participation Internationale Handwerksmesse during Munich Jewelry Week

  • 2018 februari - BELGIUM
    Publication in De Morgen Magazine “Vormelijk schoon”

  • 2018 - London, UK
    Class of 2018 Accelerator Brands - Accessories at Mastered London

  • 2017 december - BELGIUM
    Publication in De Morgen Magazine edition “File Precious Metals”

  • 2017 november - Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    Sieraad Art Fair

  • 2017 november - Groningen, THE NETHERLANDS
    Stonecutting workshop

  • 2017 september - Brussels, BELGIUM
    Exhibition Windows of Opportunity by Flanders DC during Design September

  • 2017 september - London, UK
    Exhibiting at the Design Gallery during International Jewellery London

  • 2017 may - BELGIUM
    Sales through Decovry.com during Belgian Design Week

  • 2017 april - Milan, ITALY
    Din Design at Milan Design Week by Promotedesign.it

  • 2017 march - BELGIUM
    Launch online webshop

  • 2017 march - BELGIUM
    Launch Collection “Fast Forward”

  • 2015/2017 - BELGIUM
    Architect at Julezliving in Heist-op-den-Berg

  • 2010 - Antwerp, BELGIUM
    Workshop enameling at Syntra Campus Antwerp

  • 2010/2015 - Leuven, BELGIUM
    Architect at LAVA architecture office

  • 2008/2010 - Brussels, BELGIUM
    Internship at Architecture Office Jan Maenhout

  • 2007/2011 - Antwerp, BELGIUM
    Goldsmith-Jewelrydesigner at Syntra Campus Antwerp

  • 2005/2007 - Brussels, BELGIUM
    Master in Architecture at Sint-Lucas Brussels

  • 2004/2005 - Milan, ITALY
    Exchange semester at Politecnico di Milano

  • 2002/2005 - Brussels, BELGIUM
    Bachelor in Architecture at Sint-Lucas Brussels